Welcome to HG-Seed Bank! We are the Connoisseurs Choice!

HG SEED BANK supplies the finest Collection of tropical plant seeds from around the world sourced by months of research, visiting & meeting the breeders.
We supply a wide variety of seeds for commercial, indoor, out door and for “souvenir” only purposes.

A Bit About www.hg-seeds.co.uk

Hg-Seed Bank was opened in July 2012 and is a sub department of HGUK

After Running a very successful hydroponics company & garden centre for over 10 years, and after receiving constant requests by existing and new customers for tropical, over seas, and hard to find seeds, such as orchids, banana trees, olive trees, roses etc etc we have decided to open a division specialising in the very BEST & RAREST Seeds from around the world.

Due to our well established grounds in the garden and plant industry we have the ability for immediate mass quantity distribution across Europe at unbelievably low prices!

We have spent a lot of time and money meeting and visiting seed companies and breeders from around the world to ensure we only stock the best and finest seeds available on the market today, we believe in quality, not quantity.